I love my B***** friends!!

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First off...thank you all for your literary words of kindness ;0) Where else can you swear your head off and people don't mind? You all are great!!!

Also, I haven't forgotten all of your input for my new name...or design ideas..I've just run into a bit of a roadblock...but speaking of Angels from several of yesterday's comments...Lisa happened upon my little place here in the blogosphere and guess what??? She's a designer ;0) SO....after I exhaust all possible avenues with my other "person"...I think I'm going with her ;0)

Not a lot more to say today. I think I'm going to go play at Michele's for a while and then go for a walk... after all this tropical rain we've gotten in the past couple of days it's absolutely GORGEOUS outside.

That being said...have a great weekend all!