This and That

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You know the best way to have a clean house? Get those odd projects done? Get the dog bathed? Have a party!!! Or house guests. I 'm having both tonight..the hubs is bolting to A.C. and I'm having a stinkin' home party. Glad because my friend Beth will be down for the first time in 3 years...and I get to see a bunch of people I haven't seen for a while that owe me ;0) Bad because I have to clean like the dickens and put everything back where it belongs...or is that good? ;0)

Anyway, want to come? I'll have lots of wine! And maybe do some drunkin' blogging tonight...oooo...that would be scary. Hopefully I get Beth to guest post tomorrow.

So...everyone have a good weekend...I'll be by at some point this weekend I'm sure. Harry Potter should be arriving on my doorstep by noon today!! Amazon don't ya know ;0)

Thanks for all you input yesterday...I know he causes a stink for some.

Oh...J-man peed in the potty all by himself!!!! Woke up dry this morning and did it again! There's still hope...;0)