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Anyone know why the ghost of Bloody Bl***** keeps haunting me? I read six comments yesterday and they've all disappeared as did my post...who knows if this one will appear??? I know if your right click and highlight the supposed post it will reappear and you can read it. It was cool when I was doing the Harry Potter bit, which by the way has a purple cover ;0), and it was as if by some sort of magic...but it's not now three days later. It's annoying! Sorry!

I'm cranky. My friend is sick. She's going home tonight. My back is killing me and my basement is leaking I think because we pulled up all the bushes on that side of the house this year. Our roof leaks when storms come from the south and hurricane season isn't even over yet. And I'm whining..sorry. I haven't had a chance to come read this weekend because of our house guests, so hopefully I'll be able to catch up by tomorrow. Hope everyone had good weekend!