Definitely Interesting Weekend- Part 1

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First I'd like to congratulate Chase and Suzanne who got engaged on the 4th!!! Yay!!!

Secondly, please say prayers for a fellow blogging friend of mine who was accosted by two men a couple of nights ago. Her husband has asked that we not disclose information at this time as she has several friends who read but do not have blogs and wants to be able to tell them herself first. Suffice it to say she will write about it when she's ready. weekend... here are some shots and stories. Lots of fun was had, and some seriously scary bits. I'll do the worst first... One being my youngest floating face down in the hot tub....This is what I heard..

Rachel..."Look! I'm so proud of J-man #2 ...he's floating!"

Me, standing right next to the hot tub taking a picture of a dog
"Huh? Oh.My.GOD!! Rachel ..grab him!"

J-man #2, after jumping in fully clothed and yanking him up out of the water.."Mommy...I held my brett!"

THANK GOD FOR SMALL FAVORS!! He wore a life vest the rest of the week.

Scary bit #2. We went to Irvington to my friend's J. and A's river house. He puts on a fantabulous fireworks show every year which includes the blowing up of 10's of 1000's of $$$'s worth of colorful explosives. This year was rivaled and surpassed by all the others especially when a lone spark landed on top of a live mortar box behind them.

I had just put my little guys to bed and came out to way too much noise, way too much light and way too much fire...I ran to the back of the house just in time to see two guys diving headlong into the pool, several other shouting "OH SH$7 RUN!" and tackling each other to the ground and rolling down the hill. The back porch and deck cleared, we ran out to make sure everyone was okay. Several guys sustained some nasty burns...but all in all, it turned out to be a laughable adventure in boy toys.

The show ended early. Here are some photos of the aftermath...